CURL —— 一款用来检测HTTP路由的工具


$ sudo apt-get install curl


;; GET Method(Default)
$ curl localhost:8080/predictions
$ curl --request GET localhost:8080/predictions/
$ curl localhost:8080/predictions?id=31
;; GET Method with Header (ex.Use GET request for JSON data)
$ curl --header "Accept: application/json" localhost:8080/predictions/
$ curl --header "Accept: application/json" localhost:8080/predictions?id=31
;; POST Method with Data
$ curl --request POST --data "who=Mike&what=Hello world" localhost:8080/predictions/
;; PUT Method with new Data
$ curl --request PUT --data "id=33#what=This is an update" localhost:8080/predictions/
;; DELETE Method
$ curl --request DELETE localhost:8080/predictions?id=33